Focused Consultation

Toilet training, sleep struggles, and behaviours of concern

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Toileting Solutions

If your child needs a little bit of extra support in this area we specialise in providing evidence based, toilet training programs. We can work with you to support your child in building the prerequisite developmental skills that will support toilet readiness, and when they are ready can support your child and family through the process. 

Sleep Struggles

At Pathways Early Intervention we recognise the impact poor sleep has on your child and the whole family! We provide individualised, evidence based sleep programs to assist children and families who are struggling to get a good night sleep. If needed, we will even complete home consultations throughout the evening to support you through the process. 

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Behaviours of Concern

Behaviours of concern can not only impact detrimentally on the wellbeing and safety of a child but can also impact negatively on their access to learning opportunities, new experiences, and building relationships. We provide early intervention to assess the reason for the behaviours, how the environment is impacting these behaviours, and provide skill building intervention to support the child and their family.